ATVing with a Teenager

 White knuckled. Hands aching. Control issues? Me?

Last evening, when discussing our next excursion, my grandson and I discussed driving on an ATV tour the next day. Would he drive the buggy, or would I? He asked me if I had control issues. He’s a teenager. What does he know of control issues?

That was the adventure he wanted to have that day, so off we went to Cactus ATV Tours, north of Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico. But sitting there as a passenger? Yeah, I still had control issues. (We all do, I swear!) He did an outstanding job of driving our 1000cc, four-wheel drive dune buggy. (That’s what we called them back in my day.)

Then he let me drive. It was all race car driver again. I had raced stock cars when his mother was a little girl, and it all came back—like riding a bicycle. To me racing a car was all full throttle, short braking, and back to full throttle. Same here. His turn at the wheel was much the same because of his motorcycle and quad riding experience. It’s all about the thrill of going fast. A guy thing. Though some women have more thrill seeker in them than I ever will.

Grandpa and grandma were gone again. This time with a thrill-seeking teenager. What fun!

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