Announcing Camino Route Report – Via De La Plata 2016

Camino de Santiago

During the fall months of October and November 2016, Grandpa hit the trail for thirty-three days of walking the Via de la Plata in western Spain. Daily accounts of that journey to find history, peace, and new friends are now available on the blog site. Either follow the links in this post, or select Camino de Santiago here, or from the blog’s main menu.

The Vía de la Plata (Silver Way)

Starting in Sevilla (Seville), is 1000 kilometers from Sevilla traveling through Mérida, Cáceres and Salamanca to Zamora then via one of several variants to Santiago de Compostela. From Zamora, the route continues directly northward to join the Camino Francés at Astorga or via Puebla de Sanabria on the Camino Sanabrés.

The Camino Sanabrés, also known as the Vía de la Plata Ourense option or the Camino Meridional, leads directly to Santiago bypassing the Camino Francés, branching from the VDLP at the village of Granja de Moreruela then northwest through Puebla de Sanabria to Santiago.

About the Route Reports

Each day in this route report lists start and end points, the distance walked (in kilometers), the time taken to walk that distance, notes about the route, a log of that day’s adventure, and costs. Also included is a screen grab of my GPS record for that day, taken from my smartphone app StravaPlease note that the Strava app only logged moving time between the start and end points of the day, and did not include lunch, coffee breaks, or my talks with people along the way. In contrast, my approximate record of the time it took to complete each day’s journey was always longer. Also included, when available, is a link to each day’s slideshow that has been uploaded to Facebook.

Route Report Links

Introduction Sevilla, Spain (October 17, 2016)

Day 1: Sevilla to Castilblanco de los Arroyos (43 km)

Day 2: Castilblanco to Almadén de la Plata (30 km)

Day 3: Almadén de la Plata to Monesterio (36 km)

Day 4: Monesterio to Fuente de Cantos (22 km)

Day 5: Fuente de Cantos to Zafra (25 km)

Day 6: Zafra to Torremejía (48 km)

Day 7: Torremejía to Aljucén (34 km)

Day 8: Aljucén to Aldea del Cano (36 km)

Day 9: Aldea del Cano to Cáceres (24 km)

Day 10: Cáceres to Cañaveral (45 km)

Day 11: Cañaveral to Galisteo (28 km)

Day 12: Galisteo to Arcos de Cáparra (31 km)

Day 13: Jarillo to La Calzada de Béjar (38 km)

Day 14: La Calzada de Béjar to San Pedro de Rosados (49 km)

Day 15: San Pedro de Rosados to Salamanca (24 km)

Day 16: Rest Day in Salamanca

Day 17: Salamanca to El Cubo de Tierra del Vino (39 km)

Day 18: El Cubo de Tierra del Vino to Zamora (32 km)

Day 19: Zamora to Granja de Moreruela (43 km)

Day 20: Granja de Moreruela to Tábara (27 km)

Day 21: Tábara to Santa Marta de Tera (24 km)

Day 22: Santa Marta de Tera to Rionegro del Puente (27 km)

Day 23: Rionegro del Puente to Asturianos (27 km)

Day 24: Asturianos to Requejo de Sanabria (29 km)

Day 25: Requejo de Sanabria to A Gudiña (43 km)

Day 26: A Gudiña to Campobecerros (21 km)

Day 27: Campobecerros to Alberguería (28 km)

Day 28: Alberguería to Xunqueira de Ambía (21 km)

Day 29: Xunqueira de Ambía to Ourense (23 km)

Day 30: Ourense to Oseira (32 km)

Day 31: Oseira to A Laxe (30 km)

Day 32: A Laxe to Ponte Ulla (30 km)

Day 33: LAST DAY, Ponte Ulla to Santiago de Compostela (22 km)

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