Data Security

When it comes to the security of your data online there are only five words: Your data is not secure. That said; don’t go through life worried about it either. But, do take precautions and be aware.

If you do find yourself in an Internet café on a public computer never use your personal passwords or do any kind of financial business, including purchases. Just assume there is software on that computer that is mining your information for less scrupulous types to use whenever and however they like. Realize too that avoiding the use of your passwords is hard to do and still be able to check your personal email using a web browser. So, what to do? Have a password for your email that is completely different from any other passwords that you use.

And if you are using your smart device on a Wi-Fi hotspot that does not require a password to connect to the Internet, make the very same assumptions and avoid using your personal passwords or performing any kind of financial business online.

Now, if you are on a Wi-Fi hotspot that does require a password to connect to the Internet, please know that you are not much better off. If you are in a park on a public, wide-area Wi-Fi network or in a busy coffee shop with many Internet users—take caution. If in a remote hostel with a couple others on the Wi-Fi, use your common sense; the odds are forever in your favor.

If you perform work online or otherwise spend a lot of time exposing your data to the Internet, there are applications that should be used to help with your security. What I’ve discussed about is for the average traveler, smartphone in hand. To find information on these apps for advanced users, check out

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