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Crunch Time

My last big week of training for the upcoming Marathon Des Sables (MDS) Peru is in the bag. Running over one hundred miles and consuming thousands of extra calories to keep me going during the week has been a challenge. But now it’s taper time—and crunch time.

With the months-long training schedule and those last big miles complete, I get to back the mileage down and let my body heal and rest up before toeing the start line in the Ica desert of Peru later this month.

To round out the last couple of weeks and all this running, one of our grandkids’ football teams made it to their championship series, and we are fortunate to live close enough to go to the games. And they WON, they took it ALL!

Also, I’ve had a couple of really fun speaking engagements, attended two really fun dinner parties, and had to get new tires on my car. You know…life.

My MDS Peru run is an End Polio Now campaign with Rotary International. (more…)

A Perfect Day (a prep series precursor)

It was a perfect day for a 50k. Up with the 5:00 a.m. alarm for a cup of tea and a bowl of oatmeal. Then a warm shower loosening muscles still wishing this was all a joke. (I’m never up at o’dark thirty anymore.) Kathey was up early to drive me to the race start then off to watch grandkids play lacrosse in the rain before returning in time to see me at the finish (ultra-running isn’t (more…)

Sensibilities, in Playa del Carmen

Went for a run this morning. Nothing new in that, but this morning I ran at a local sport facility not far from our condo called, Deportivo Mario Villanueva Madrid. The facility is always busy with people out for some exercise, a pickup game of basketball or an evening fútbol match, even regular Zumba classes.

Deportivo Mario Villanueva Madrid, between 10th and 20th Avenues at Calle 34North

Deportivo Mario Villanueva Madrid, between 10th and 20th Avenues at Calle 34North












The track around the field is rubberized—great for old joints (more…)