Would We Use Airbnb for Italy Again?

Continued from La Dolce Vita: Living the Good Life While Touring Northern and Central Italy, the final posting in the Options When Two Is Four or More series about the advantages of using the Internet when securing lodging for a tour of Italy.

Touring Italy for three weeks with my wife (Grandma) and our friends (also grandparents) became one of the highlights of my life. We later joked that we must have thought we were much younger because we packed a lot of adventures into those three weeks. However, we were well prepared and had worked out much of the details before leaving home.


Although we had used Airbnb and other similar websites in the States before—and have friends who use those sites to occasionally rent out their home—I must admit I was still a little nervous before seeing our first place in Rome. When you travel halfway around the world, the last thing you want to find out is you booked a flat over a train station.

As with hotels, or any other lodging options, do your homework and find places that fit your needs and sensibilities. The Internet brings information to your fingertips, and websites like Airbnb allow you to rate lodgings and to provide feedback that gives other users helpful assurances before booking. The ratings system also keeps establishments and owners honest, and it controls prices.



Ask almost anyone who has traveled to Italy, and that person will say it’s a must-do, must-see destination. Throughout Europe, especially near the Mediterranean Sea, there is a plethora of historical sights to see. Italy has so many tourist attractions that it would take books to list all of them. Moreover, the history of the peninsula—with its varied peoples, churches and cathedrals, and artistic marvels—makes time spent in Italy a worthwhile experience.

Put it off no longer. There are options that will save you money and add a bit of spice to your travels to Italy. In answer to the title question, we would definitely use Airbnb for our next Italian vacation, whenever it may be. Please accept this series from Grandpa’s Gone Again? as a recommendation to do just that. As I’ve said before, the Internet is your friend with regard to securing lodging. Airbnb allows you, the traveler, to be part of a transparent process that improves the housing experience for everyone who uses it.

Happy travels.

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