Quinoa in a Frying Pan

Following another fantastic day at the beach or exploring the Riviera Maya, Mexico, comes that time again to make dinner. We love our little condo, it’s top floor view towards the Caribbean Sea, windows always open to a cooling easterly breeze. But its amenities are, shall we say—less than we’re used to at home. Not really lacking, just different. One night, Kathey was making a fresh cucumber and onion salad to go with a quinoa dish I was going to make with fresh veggies from a market not far from us and using up bits of this and that from the refrigerator.



In what device would I prepare my concoction? Our collection of pots and pans seemed a bit deficient. However, I reminded myself this was a vacation condo we were living in. So, I pulled out a deep, medium sized frying pan and went about making my quinoa dish for our dinner. Well into the process and as Kath finished up with her salad and brought focus back to the world around her, she told me there was a Dutch oven in the small corner cabinet, top shelf. Oh well, too late.












As we finished preparations and sat to eat, the sound of bongo drums made their way to our ears, interrupted occasionally by hoots and hollers, then the notes of a flute floated in on the evening breeze. It was Saturday night in Playa del Carmen. Such a pleasant evening sitting on the veranda, enjoying our meal and a glass of vino blanca.

Whether a single over night in a hostel, albergue, hospedaje, pension, or long term stay in a condo or AirBnB home, it’s always fun (and generally less expensive) to create your own meals.

So, what’s your favorite dish to make during your world travels?

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