About Grandpa


My name is Brien Crothers, and I am a fifty-eight-years-young baby boomer, a grandfather to three, a retired power-generation professional, and an avid adventurer and world traveler. In nearly two decades of adventure travel around the world, I’ve learned a few things that I would love to pass on to others—to you, the readers of my blog.

My three wonderful grandkids live an hour’s drive from me and my wife, Kathey. When they come to our house, or when Kathey goes to see them, they often say to her, “Grandpa’s gone again?”

I don’t always travel by myself. Kathey loves all-inclusive resorts and beachside condos. Many of the tips that are on the blog in the “Getting There & Away” category I have learned from her. She’s a master of the deal and has a true knack for finding the best prices on air travel, lodging, and, especially, vacation packages.

My travel experience includes the following world adventures:

  • Mountaineering expeditions in Africa (summit, Mount Kilimanjaro), South America (3 summit attempts, Cerro Aconcagua, Andes mountains), Russia (summit, Mount Elbrus), and Tibet (Advanced Base Camp, North Face Mount Everest, the Himalayas)
  • Mountain-bike racing in South Africa, the Cape Epic
  • Foot racing in the Sahara desert, the Marathon des Sables
  • Adventure racing in Vietnam (multisport event, ten days’ duration)
  • Trekking in Spain, the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances, 500 miles; and, Via de la Plata, 625 miles)

Trips I have taken with my wife, Kathey, have also been international in scope:

  • Resort vacations on the eastern and western Mexican coasts
  • International service projects in Mexico
  • Trips to the Alaskan wilderness (including a luxury cruise), to the Canadian Rockies, and throughout the western United States
  • Sightseeing trip to Beijing and Xian in China

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