Camino Francés

The Camino Francés (French Way) is the most famous of all the Camino de Santiago routes, featuring in many documentaries, books, and movies such as The Way.

In July 2015, Grandpa walked the Camino Francés with a longtime travel partner and was inspired by his many inspirational moments along the way to write of that journey and to provide future pilgrims with information useful in their preparations.

Su Camino…: 20 Days – 785 Kilometers – Camino de Santiago A WHIMSICAL MIX OF PILGRIM RESOURCES AND CAMINO MUSINGS

su-camino-coverAn introspective global journey to awareness and self-discovery catalyzed by twenty summer days walking the Camino de Santiago, Su Camino… is one American baby boomer’s travelogue-cum-preparation-handbook full of Camino anecdotes and advice for the contemporary walker of “The Way.” Steeped in world travels to the far corners of the world over the last two decades, Su Camino… is a layered mélange of travelogue, full of anecdotes from the trail; musings on my own journey of the spirit; and preparation handbook with great resources for any pilgrim, thru-hiker, or adventurer. Wherever we may roam, there is adventure, there is spirit, and there is discovery. Grandpa’s Gone Again? Publishing